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Palliyodams (snake boats)

Palliyodam means boat of Lord Parthasarathy, presiding deity of the centuries-old Sree Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula. Aranmula palliyodams are unique in their shape and structure. The boats are equal in length at the front, centre and rear. Only the central portion touches the water. palliyodams whose length is 110 metre and above are called A batch palliyodams and the ones with length to 80 to 90 metre belong to the B batch.

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palliyodam in pamba river, aranmula


Arattupuzha palliyodam
Ayroor palliyodam
Chennithala palliyodam
Cherukol palliyodam
Edanad palliyodam
Edappavur palliyodam
Edappavur – Peroor palliyodam
Edasserimala palliyodam
Edasserimala- East palliyodam
Edayaranmula- East palliyodam
Kadapra palliyodam
Keezhvanmazhi palliyodam
Kattoor palliyodam
Keezhukara palliyodam
Keezhcherimel palliyodam .
Kodiattukara palliyodam
Koipram palliyodam
Kottathoor palliyodam
Kozhencherry palliyodam
Kuriannoor palliyodam
Lhaha palliyodam
Malakkara palliyodam
Mallappuzhassery palliyodam
Mangalam palliyodam
Melukara palliyodam
Maramon palliyodam
Mundankavu palliyodam
Muthavazhi palliyodam
Nedumprayar palliyodam
Othara palliyodam
Poovathur East
Poovathur West
Thymaravumkara palliyodam
Vanmazhi palliyodam
Thekkemuri palliyodam

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palliyodam amaram

houseboats kerala alappuzha kumarakom

palliyodam in pamba river near the venue of uttratathi boat race

venue of aranmula uttrattathi boat race









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