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ambalapuzha palpayasam

The sweet porridge made of milk, sugar and rice offered in ambalapuzha sree krishna temple otherwise called Amabalapuzha Pal payasam

Orders have been issued by TDB chief commissioner and State chief secretary K. Jayakumar,directed at checking the black marketing of the palpayasam .

The order says the Ambalapuzha Sri Krishnaswami Temple will distribute half a litre of palpayasam to 70 devotees who have not booked in advance after the �ucha nivedyam.' This will be done on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, when there is no heavy rush of devotees.
On peak days � Thursdays and Sundays, and days of special importance like Ashtami Rohini and Vishu � the first 130 devotees without advance booking will get half a litre of palpaysam �ucha nivedyam.'

The order says the quantity of palpayasam to be made at the temple will be increased from 150 litres to 200 litres on Thursdays, Sundays, and on Vishu and Ashtami Rohini. The advance booking of palpayasam has been limited to 110 litres on these days, and to 90 litres on other days

The temple devasom authorities of sree krishna temple can be contacted at the following telephone number
landline: +91- 477 -2272090

Those who have complaints about the quality of palpayasam can contact the Devaswom Board Vigilance SP through his e-mail id sptdbvig@gmail.com







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