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kodukulanji, Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerala, India

Kodukulanji is a village 7 kms off chengannur in the kodukulanji - kollakadavu route to mavelikara.10 kms from mavelikara towards chengannur in the kollakadavu route.

It is located around 5 km north of the Achankovil River and 7 km south of the Pamba River.
Nearest railway station is Chengannur (7 km). Nearest Airport is Cochin (also known as Kochi) .
The village is predominantly Syrian Christian. Kodukulanji is one of the highest places in Alapuzha district. The village comes under two panchayats, Ala and Venmoney. The legislative constituency is Chengannur and parliamentary constituency is Mavelikara.
Kodukulanji is also famous for a 13th Century Ayyappa temple situated at a peak which is the highest in Alleppey.

The name Kodukulanji originated from two words "Kodu" which means "curves" and "kulanji" a tree which was once common in this place.

Kodukulanji is one of the highest places in Alapuzha District.

history of kodukulanji

Tourist spots
Kuthiravattom chira

Prakashagiri St Marys's orthodox church kodukulanji
CSI christ church established in 1842 by CSI missionaries.

Sree Dhrama sastha temple kuthiravattom build in 13th century AD

educational institutions

St thomas college of engineering and technology

telephone exchange: 0479 2368100
akshaya center kodukulanji 0479 2369420
adhar card facility is available at kodukulanji
federal bank
MICR CODE 689049814
phone number federal bank kodukulanji: 0479 2368720, 2369261

ATM: federal bank atm at chakalapoyka junction
social organisations

YMCA kodukulanji
kodukulanji vocal band







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